CSS 3 vs HTML 5

Both HTML5 and CSS3 still have a lot of limitations. But even though there are many things that are holding those two languages back, the fact remains that they are the future of web design and learning them is a must for anyone who is serious about crafting and creating excellent web pages. These two languages can let you do a lot of things that you could not achieve with other languages before.

CSS 3 vs HTML 5

You don’t really have to choose between using HTML5 and CSS3. The best thing that you can do is to use those two languages hand in hand. You would be able to create great looking websites. In some instances they are even better than Flash.

A Closer Look at HTML5

Compared with Flash, HTML5 is a lot more complicated and intricate, but learning it is a must if you are seeking to develop websites that would be friendly to iOS. Flash is not allowed on the iOS which is a severe limitation to it.

The main thing that you have to realize about HTML5 is that it isn’t one large body but rather made up of many small parts. Some browsers might not support certain features and parts. That is why it is necessary for a designer to know what feature is supported by which browser. A good thing about HTML5 is that it allows you to build on existing HTML4.

That means if you are updating a site, all you have to do is to introduce the changes in order to improve the site. You don’t have to start from scratch again.

Features of HTML

Here are some of the more important features of HTML5

    • A HTML syntax would have to have a doctype. What’s good to hear is that the doctype declaration is now a lot simpler: . That is how you would write it.
    • The sound and video support for HTML5 is greatly improved from previous versions. There is no need for plug-ins in order to view content on video and audio sites.
    • The editing of the content of websites has also been made simpler.
    • You can use web applications even if you are offline. This is because of the introduction of the application cache.


Why Use HTML5

Web pages would load a lot quicker when you are using HTML5. It is also simpler to use it when you have mobile devices in mind. You can easily incorporate video and audio into the code.

A Closer Look at CSS3

Now it’s time to take a look at CSS3. Cascading style sheet is used in order to make a page more visually stunning. The latest version of it, the CSS3 is a major step forward.

New and Cool Effects

There are plenty of new effects and properties that came along with CSS3 that would make web designing really exciting. You can use shadows, fonts and images in order to make a page more striking in appearance.

Those are just some of the things that you should know about HTML5 and CSS3.