CSS 3 vs Flash

It has been 17 years since Flash was introduced. It has caused a major change when it comes to the way that videos are viewed online and how animation is created. A lot of development has happened since then. CSS3 has been introduced and it has brought in many innovations.

CSS 3 vs Flash

There is a lot of comparisons going on around the Web today. People are comparing what Flash can do with what HTML5 can achieve and sometimes CSS3. So which is the better way for a creating a website? The answer isn’t really that simple.

What Flash Can Do

With Flash designers and web developers have achieved a degree of freedom that they could not achieve through any other method. With flash a designer can place any object that he wants on a page without having to worry about details. You just place it on the page and then move on to the next task.

That kind of advantage might not sound much to someone unfamiliar with web development and CSS or HTML. But for people who know that is a huge advantage. By using Flash, you don’t have to worry about programming languages. The page would load in the same way with any browser that is being used. So there is nothing to worry about compatibility and browser support as well.

The Advantage of Interactivity

You can also achieve a greater interactivity when you are using Flash. You can incorporate audio files on your page and other tricks on it. You can also put in videos directly on it which would be hard to achieve through other methods.

Higher Degree of Control

You also get a higher degree of control when you are using Flash. The whole page would be adjusted according to the browser that is being used so images do not changed or get pixilated. Here are some of the other advantages that you can get with Flash:

    • Improved Integration
    • Easier Font Handling
    • Replicate Frames
    • Stand-Alone Movies
    • No Reload


Problems with Using Flash

Though it sounds like Flash has so many benefits to it, it does have some disadvantages. The biggest problem with it is the issue with the plug-in. A separate plug-in would have to be downloaded and installed to playback Flash movies. Another issue is with search engines. Search engine spiders cannot crawl over Flash content so you might still want HTML content on your site for the sake of ranking.

Where CSS3 Comes In

The trend on the internet today is to put content and design in two separate compartments. That is where CSS3 comes in. With Flash, the content is incorporated into the design of the page. It is possible to achieve some visually stunning effects with CSS3. For example, animations are now possible with it. The problem of course is that it can be cumbersome and complicated to create a site based on HTML and CSS. You would have to deal with programming language and that is never an easy thing.